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Aug 21 / hexadecimal

The colors of our lives


When discovered, color is magical and mystical and can affect our mood on a day-to-day basis. Vibrant colors can get you to feel excited and ready to go and do something, for example, while duller colors tend to make you calmer and more passive. I’ve been thinking about the effects of color and how they play out in the world around me. Even the shade of color can make a difference. When light …
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In addition to providing current news, Hexadecimal.CO is a free source for information such as conversion charts for hexadecimal, binary, decimal, ASCII, symbols, and HTML values, a decimal / hex converter, a free online color picker, a URL encoder and URL decoder, a list of web-safe hexadecimal colors with their hex, rgb, hsl, and cymk values, and current design news.
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